Dog Tag Engraving

My dog could use a new tag and I'm conveniently doing some work for BK Signs at the moment. They're a visual promotions company in Broome, Western Australia. As an added job perk, they're equipped with plenty of toys including a CNC router, wide format printer and the Roland Camm-2 engraver used to make this dog tag.

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Troy's Aquaponics


I'm currently staying in Broome with my brother for a few weeks so I thought I might share one of his creations. This aquaponics system consists of two 1000 ltr IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers) which are typically used for the transport and storage of fluids. One IBC is cut in two creating the main grow bed and sump while the other is home to ten barramundi.

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Aquaponic Salad Garden


I built this aquaponics system a year ago to grow fresh leafy veggies for the household. It consists of a 700 litre fibreglass pond inhabited by koi with two 50 litre gravel filled grow beds suspended above. If you've never encountered aquaponics before, it's a combination of aquaculture (fish keeping) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). The water from the fish tank is pumped into the grow beds where the plants consume the nutrients. This removes waste from the water, cleaning it for the fish.

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