Pallet Wood Computer Desk

All Set up

I've always wanted a nice computer desk but most options are either unsuitable or expensive. After coming across a bounty of decent length pallets, this project was born. She's got shelves for all my essential hardware and the imperfections in the pallet wood make for an interesting and attractive look.

Finish Applied

I disassembled the pallets by knocking out each length with a rubber mallet. The resulting timber was then sorted for use in different parts of the desk. The highest quality for the top, the rest for the shelves and the shorter, thicker gluts make the uprights.

Upright Assembled

A couple of the uprights had a split in them but this is easily remedied by forcing glue into the gap and clamping. There's not a lot you can't fix with filler and/or glue.


The top is made up of the straightest pieces that still meet the required length once the wastage is removed. As each piece of timber is different, I found an arrangement that seemed to fit together well and drew a triangle over each join. Makes it easy to put it together the right way when gluing.

Waste Material Marked

The top was then glued, clamped and had many heavy objects dropped on it. If you've got a level floor, this makes the underside flat....ish.

Clamping & Gluing Table Top

Once dry, the ends are cleaned up and cut to length with a circular saw using another piece of wood as a guide.

Cutting Table Ends

The shelves are an assortment of the most interesting and semi-flat pieces. The good sections are cut a touch over the required length then clamped and glued together as well.

Clamping & Gluing Shelf

Each shelf got a decent sand but I left most of the imperfections as they're not going to affect its function and it adds a bit of character.

Shelves cut to size

The shelves are screwed into place from the bottom so the fixings remain out of sight.

One shelving section assembled

Once both shelving sections were assembled, the top was attached in the same fashion.


The sanding was brutal but after filling most of the house with a fine film of sawdust it eventually came up pretty neat.

Two Part Epoxy Filler

The filler is made using a combination of two-part epoxy (Araldite Clear) and fine sanding dust. It gives better results than the old wood glue and sawdust combo in my experience.

Front Panels Attached

Some front panels were added to clean up the janky pallet wood edges and make it appear sturdier. A few coats of clear satin polyurethane finish were applied and it's good to go.

Finish Applied